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There are many sides to information protection. It’s a social issue, a legal problem, and an operational risk, all rolled into one. To face this increasingly complex challenge, small and medium size businesses need access to new skills.



A made to measure service for companies who want to guarantee secure data processing for their clients and business partners.

DP_Officer aims to ensure an appropriate response to the whole issue of personal and/or sensitive data protection.

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Your competitors know the value of your data - do you? Do you know where your intellectual property is? Which data is the most sensitive for your company, who can access it, and above all, who really does access it? 

With the explosion in the volume of data being processed and the blurred lines of the security perimeter, it is essential for companies to focus on protecting the content of the information.

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What if you made your staff your best line of defence? 

There is no security technology that can eliminate the biggest risk: human error. The simple truth is that successful cyber-attacks all come down to bad decisions made by users like us. 

Find out about our offer to raise staff awareness of cybercrime

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Assess your level of compliance and define your risk management objectives for personal data processing.

There are just a few months before the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. How does this affect you and what needs to be done? We will give you practical answers.

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