Sharing personal information via Facebook, Instagram , Twitter or you name has become trivial and even seems to give immediate satisfaction to those who do it. The danger is not perceptible since this very data is a priori worthless. However, aggregated with our daily online activity, it allows a precise monitoring of our behaviour, the knowledge and manipulation of our opinons, the identification of our relationships and even our most intimate anxieties and desires. Has not Google become the new confessional?

In this documentary movie, Marc Meillassoux and Mihaela Gladovic demonstrate the hidden face of data exploitation by tech companies and show their disturbing relationships with some governments.

How to react?

The diffuse nature of the threat and the reassuring words of our leaders contribute to lulling the vigilance of ordinary citizens. Fatalists, many have already accepted that there is no more privacy and that it is vain to fight for it.

I do not think so. It is possible to regain control because there are simple and effective ways of counteracting the nauseating practices of these unscrupulous actors. This will be the theme of the next documentary that I encourage you to support on kickstarter.